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GOVERNING awarded Knope of the Week award

GOVERNING was awarded the Knope of the Week award by ELGL (Emerging Local Government Leaders forum), a site based in Oregon which promotes proactive communication between government officials and their communities by way of blogs, social media, webinars and awards.

In a light-hearted gesture, the award’s name is based on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, where fictional character Leslie Knope (played by comedian Amy Poehler) is the very dedicated Deputy Parks Director of Pawnee, Indiana‘s parks and recreation department. Hence, the Knope of the Week award recognizes public or private officials who go “…above and beyond," according to ELGL’s founder, Kent Wyatt.

The ELGL article gives a glowing acknowledgement of GOVERNING  for its coverage of local government issues, names its favorite GOVERNING stories and links to several interviews ELGL has done with GOVERNING staff Jonathan Walters, Heather Kerrigan, Mike Maciag and freelance writer for GOVERNING, Rob Gurwitt.

“We also applaud the culture at Governing that empowers its reporters and staff to communicate with outside groups such as ELGL.”

e.Republic is extremely proud of all of our staff at GOVERNING for the work they do which helps inform the leaders of our communities.

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