In a recent webinar hosted by Senior Vice President (SVP), Phil Bertolini, Hawaii’s Chief Data Officer (CDO) Rebecca Cai and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Vince Wong shared insights into the state’s strategic priorities for 2024 and how they align with data and cybersecurity goals.

Data Priorities and Initiatives

Rebecca highlighted the strides the State of Hawaii is making in utilizing data and AI to improve efficiency and services for its residents. Through Act 167, a data task force was established to develop and implement data policies and standards, facilitate data sharing and research tools to improve interdepartmental decision-making. Five key areas of strategic priorities include:

  1. Privacy, security and compliance
  2. Data quality improvements and reliability
  3. Accessibility and interoperability
  4. Accountability and transparency
  5. Ethical and responsible usage

Hawaii is riding the wave, embracing AI technology through innovative applications like the state’s Safe Travel app using AI form recognition and intelligent chatbots. The governor is also leveraging evidence-based analytics to craft housing and homelessness policies. Looking ahead, the state is championing legislation to establish an AI working group for statewide implementation.

Cybersecurity Priorities

Vince emphasized the critical importance of aligning robust cybersecurity measures with the business outcomes of various departments. Key drivers propelling Hawaii’s comprehensive cybersecurity program include:

  1. Strategic partnerships and modernization
  2. Rigorous asset management and cyber hygiene
  3. Embracing zero trust security models

With increased complexity and proliferation of new devices and attack vendors, Hawaii’s cybersecurity capabilities with mission priorities, leveraging innovative technologies and enforcing rigorous data governance, the state is proactively defending against cyber threats while optimizing service delivery to residents and stakeholders.

Upcoming Events

Collaboration and partnerships with the private sector are crucial for driving innovation. Be at the forefront of Hawaii’s digital transformation at these upcoming events.

Hawaii Data + AI Summit on April 24: This exciting and brand-new Summit will gather data-focused professionals and leaders to provide a forum for them to connect on how they approach managing, governing and using data and AI while still promoting citizen trust and satisfaction.

Hawaii Digital Government Summit on September 17: This is a great event that brings together Hawaii’s technology leaders and professionals to get inspired and learn about the latest technologies and applications. The Summit is also a great opportunity for private-sector partners to showcase their talent and collaborate to help solve the biggest challenges around digital government.

Hawaii Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit on December 4: With the increase of cyberattacks over the last few years, this Summit aims to gather leaders and cyber professionals to learn about the latest efforts to defend, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. The Summit also promotes greater collaboration between public-sector leaders and private-sector partners.

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