Hi, it’s Dustin Haisler. I’m writing the Market Insights newsletter this month while Joe is out on paternity leave caring for his family’s newest addition, Max.

In this month’s newsletter, I’ll be sharing the impacts of a recession on the gov tech market, how to make the CIO connection and my favorite reads as of late. Now, let’s dive into the good stuff.

Gov Tech is the Only Recession-Proof Market

Do I have your attention?

There’s no shortage of news and media outlets reporting on the economic slowdown. Whether you believe the U.S. has entered a recession or not, we are all examining how an economic downturn would affect the gov tech market.

During a virtual live event, we asked attendees this question:
Do you feel that we are entering into a recession? Sixty-nine percent said “yes!”
What do you think?

The Good News: Gov tech is a recession-proof market. In good times and bad, government still spends over $3 trillion a year. Even with changes to the workforce, state and local government remains one of the largest employers with over 19 million employees. The need for government and the services it provides only increases during turbulent times.

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